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Ray will tell you he has lived 5 life times already and he is only 46!

He has travelled the world, transformed thousands of lives, trained Olympic and world champions, worked on reality TV shows (where he has a 100% success rate!), worked the corner for a world title fight in Las Vegas. Written 2 weight loss books plus much, much more!

But life wasn’t always this good.

AFL Multicultural Camp.
Kurnell Sand Hills and Wanda beach Park area Sutherland Shire and AFL (NSW/ACT) Offices, Moore Park for the official Welcome to country
Pictures show participants of the camp during workout with Ray Kelly (personal trainer -the biggest loser ) and Junior Talipeau (contestant on the Contender series).
Date-28th September 2010

Ray’s life began in housing commission in Mount Druitt, and they were the poor family! Born into a life of welfare, clothes came from op shops, Christmas presents and hampers from The Smith Family and St Vincent De Paul, and attendance on school excursions were very rare (usually spending the day doing school work whilst his friends were having fun). As he got older it hit home just how different his life is and fell into a victim mentality and resented the fact that everyone else had so much and he had so little. His trouble with the police began at 8 years old and that would continue throughout his teenage years. At 14 years he had started with drugs and alcohol and that only escalated when he left school and moved out of home at 16 years.

So what changed?

How can someone go from being so out of control and lacking self-esteem, to completing Undergraduate and Masters degrees and becoming an industry leader in health?

Ray’s story is like no other and truly shows what can be achieved when you refuse to be nothing but your best!

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