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Imagine having a workplace where everyone is healthy, happy and positive. You can have our team come to your workplace and take your team through our program over a 10 week period.

Arnotts Program Profile:

Recently, a 10 week workplace program was piloted at the iconic Arnotts biscuit factory in Sydney’s west for 53 of their employees.

The program was based on our regular clinical program, where the participant would be provided with an exercise program and meal plan and 10 x weekly consultations on their worksite. The emphasis was on the participants taking control so no supervised exercise sessions were provided.

Average starting weight for all 53 participants’ was 95kg, which after 10 weeks was reduced to 82.9kg: In Week 1, 76% of participants were categorised as ‘Obese’ but this was reduced to 29.8% by Week 10. In the initial screening, 36 of the 53 participants were found to have had high blood pressure (Systolic >140, and/or Diastolic >95). At the completion of the program only 5 of the 53 participants still had blood pressure readings exceeding this level.


In Week 1, 14 were taking blood pressure medication. By Week 10, 7 (50%) have had their medications reduced, ‘and 5 (36%) of those were taken off all blood pressure medications (mostly within first 6 weeks!).

At Week 1 the participants were asked what their goal weight would be, not just during the program but their actual ‘dream weight’. By the end of Week 10, 13 had not only achieved this goal but had lost even more weight. A further 14 were within 5kg of their ‘dream weight’.

After 6 months they were all weighed in and the average weight was still within 600g of their end program weight!

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